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Unidrive M700 AC Drive Review – A High Performance Motor Control offers ultimate control flexibility for various industrial applications

Unidrive M700 high performance motor control is the class-leading induction and permanent magnet servo motor performance supported with real-time Ethernet and advanced integration to the MCi modules for the most scalable high-performance motor control in the large industrial scales. This powerful AC drive available to set from 0.75 kW to 2.8 MW offering massive horsepower, while still maintaining low voltage resources from 200 V, 400 V, 575 V or 690 V.

M700 high performance motor control offers ultimate control flexibility in order to suit for various requirements of high-spec industrial applications ad machine builders.

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Superior High Performance Motor Control for Optimum Throughput

The unique position high performance motor control feedback interface and flexible sped of the drive support wide range of feedback technologies from powerful resolvers to high-res encoders. The flexibility ensures up to three encoder channels simultaneously. Integration with MCi modules can reduce the need for motion controllers and external PLCs. The simulated encoder output provides CAMs position reference, digital lock and electronic gearbox applications.

M700 offers high bandwidth motor control algorithm to take benefit of closed-loop induction servo and permanent magnet motors (250 Mz speed loop bandwidth and 3000 Hz current loop bandwidth).

Advanced Onboard Motor Controller

With the onboard advanced high performance motor control, it means M700 is capable of controlling 1.5 axes. Through the onboard drive, it means the functions can optimize the system uncompromisingly because the motion functions are already carried out.

Highly Flexible High Performance Motor Control Systems and High Safety Standards

High performance motor control M700 AC drive designed with high flexibility for centralized as well as decentralized control systems. Some of the flexibilities are including:

  1. Adding MCi modules for larger programs in the advanced system control
  2. Onboard PLC for outstanding logic programs
  3. Comes with super efficient programming environment system design and configuration (Machine Control Studio)
  4. Simple connectivity using standard connections through integrated dual-port Ethernet switch
  5. Real-time Ethernet providing fast and reliable communication for accurate axis synchronization (using RTMoE Real Time Motion over Ethernet)
  6. The availability of Three System Integration ports (adding fieldbus, I/O and additional fieldbus)
  7. High safety feature with integrated Safe Torque Off (STO) input (the feature accommodates an SI-Safety module for super safe motion functions)

MCi Machine Control Module Integration

With the MCi module, M700 high performance motor control allows ultimate performance through advanced machine control. MCi adds an unbeatable second onboard processor for high performance IEC 61131-3 based machine control. There are two options of module offered: the MCi200 and MCi210. Both of the modules offer powerful onboard machine control covering real-time drive-to-drive synchronization, 1.5 axes motion control, integrated safety features and high-speed digital I/O. All of the features are requisite in the large system applications as the will reduce the need of costly external components.


High performance motor control M700 is sort of the impressive permanent induction servomotors available in the market today. Among of the other product, M700 is standout especially in the case of its standard intelligence systems that incorporate smart onboard PLC and advanced motion controllers. The MCi Machine Control offers remarkably modules for those put priorities on establishing advanced automation and control systems. Yet, the additional MCi modules can be added for unbeatable machine control capability.


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