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Omron Servo Motors, 1S-Series; Optimazing And Increased Machine Productivity, Features and User Benefits

For the time being, as the impact of industrialism and development of industries in any fields. So there are many of the device also needed to conform the abilities inside the whole of what industries goes up. It was a fact, and at the same time, the challenge which need to answering.

Than due to that reasons and fact,many factory and manufacture, which is goes up for create any device has already come along with that challenging ideas. One of the world class named, Omron Industrial Automation company also involved, with creating, developing and offering their product for the industrial public around the world.

And here in this article we would go further more with one the Omron product called servo motors, with serial numbers R88M-1[] / R88D-1SN[]-ECT. We would take a little bit closer for any features and specification which is made this device great and bring the best for users.

Omron Servo Motors
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Omron R88M-1[] / R88D-1SN[]-ECT, Features and Specification

It wasn’t the secret if Omron Industrial Automation was a world class automation solution and manufacture. Which is their product has used by many industries around the world. With their reputation, this servo motors has tailored and prepared for the kindness of the user, and so lets go little bit closers for the features and specification.

Here are the R88M-1[] / R88D-1SN[]-ECT, features which you need to take a little bit closers ;

  • 100 W to 3 kW - 100/200/400V power range
  • 200 V, 750 W max or 350% momentary maximum torque
  • 23 bit high resolution encoder
  • For low overshoot and quick settling time this device has improved loop control
  • Absolute battery-free multi-turn encoder
  • Buit in Safety Function Standard .

As the Omron visions to set up and offered best product model for the industrial kindness, the R88M-1[] / R88D-1SN[]-ECT, has completed with international function standard, and also completed with protective structure.

Just look at the table below for further information.

Depend on the data of that table, we could see that Omron R88M-1[] / R88D-1SN[]-ECT servo motors has created with several international standard. Each of the standard has being the vice of any country which those device would be operating by. All of the international standards signing that the Omron product would be nice for used in any country around the world. So if there are many ideas to machine productivity this device was become a great answers for any questions you always wanting for.


Omron servo motors R88M-1[] / R88D-1SN[]-ECT, was one of the great named of the servo family which created by Omron industrial automation. It has a great features, all has can be a best answers for users. Choosing this device to completed the ideas of productivity for you manufacture or any company you need and wanting for.


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