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Emerson Unimotor hd - Pulse Duty Servo Motor; Features and Specification You Need To Know

When something has developed it also need to support with better things which can give dramatic impact. This cameo also suitable for the industries field, in which as we known, has developed further by many decades. Than thats why there are also lots of manufacture put their focus in create a better supporting device for the industries.

One of the main elements from a whole of industrial pictures i, how they can bring a best machinery productivities through all off the industrial aspect? And one of the fittest answer are, chasing the automation solution to increase the automation solution productivities. And here in this article, we would go closer with one of the component which is need to operate with any PLC’s drive such as Digitax ST, Unidrive SP, Unidrive M as well as the Epsilon EP drives. It called Emerson Unimotor hd - Pulse Duty Servo Motor. Just check further more for a closer information this device.

Emerson Unimotor hd Pulse duty servo motor
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Unimotor hd, The High Dynamic Brushless Control Techniques’ Brushless AC Servo Motor

This device has extensive features which totally designed and tailored for the users benefits. Each features can be a great signs for user to belonging with any industrial applications. With such of 0.72Nm to 85.0Nm (255.0Nm peak) torque range, make it as one of great low inertia, but high peak torque range, which is really great in any high dynamic (hd) that at the same time requiring decelerations and accelerations at the same time.

This are the features that can handled by this Unimotor hd - Pulse duty servo motor ;

  • High dynamic performance with from high torque to inertia ratio.
  • Dissipation brakes, high energy.
  • Sealed against dust and water spray when connected and mounted, IP 65 protection standard conform.
  • Powerfull and at the same time comfort installation.
  • Stator design segmented
  • Rigorous testing for reliability and performances, supported.
  • Suit to 400V and 220V winding applications.
  • 2000rpm, 3000rpm, 4000rpm and 6000rpm rated speed included.
  • To increase torsional rigidity it used the larger shaft.

To give a better users installation benefits, Emerson has design this device with several kind of frame sizes. Choose which one was really suitable for your applications, you can looking the information at Table 1.0

Depend on the table information, we can see, how the Emerson has bring a flexibility in therm of giving the user many optional frame size. Every frame size has can be choose in case of users capabilities so it would be nice for us, as the users to looking the suitable device from size by our intentional aspect. Not only frame size, Emerson also completed with such of international conformance and standard which can be derived among the; CE certified, RoHS Compliant, Certified BS EN ISO 9001:2000, and other, two year Control Techniques plus warranty


Depend on industrial needed, the servo motors has become one of important parts in any industrial applications. Emerson has provide those intention by serve the users with offered publicity great device called the Unimotor hd - Pulse duty servo motor. This device is such of great verse to meet around flexibility in users installation process and performance.


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