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Emerson Servo Motors; Types, Features and the Product Sampling Review For Users Benefits

Servo Motors is part of products for controlling that easy to gain the fully loaded vision of the whole process. This is the important aspect inside the industries itself. That's why for now on, the industries has looking in challenging ideas of great controlling process. And they want to bring main impact for the whole of industrial chain mechanism.

One of the best Servo Motors ideas in it was, there are the big jumping in the automation solutions aspect. Which is signed by how far and great it was developed by the day. How much the new technologies and new brand has come closer to offered the industries best ideas in controlling process. And of the important component are the servo motors.

The main function of this device are to controlling its motion and final position. After all the input of its control its a signal which delivered a main data that can read by the output staff. And one of the world class servo motors developer and manufacture are Emersom Industrial Automation manufacturing. Here in this article, we would go further more with several products that can be used for your reference.

Emerson Servo Motors
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Range Of Emerson Servo Motors Variety You Need To Know

To answers the industries challenges in servo motors needed. Emerson has developed the control techniques divisions which change and tailored best device for users experience aspect. And here are each of the types we provide you completed with the descriptions.

• Pulse Duty Servo Motors Class, Named With Unimotor hd

It was kind of the types which is created as dynamic high brushless AC servo motors. This model had performance range around; 0.72 Nm – 85 Nm (255.0 Nm peak) and 6.3 lb-in – 757.6 lb-in (2257 lb-in peak).

• Servo Motors Unimotor fm, For Continuous Duty Purposes

With range of operation around 1.4 Nm – 136 Nm (408 Nm Peak), 12.4 lb-in – 1,200 lb-in (3,611 lb-in Peak), this model is totally deserve to called as high performance servo motors.

• Servo Motors NT Motor, a Low Inertia Come Up as A Compact Size Device

If you looking to maximizing torque but try to gain a save space aspect, this was the answers. This device come in NEMA 2” and 3” or metric frames with 0.85 Nm – 6.3 Nm (2.54 Nm – 18.75 Nm Peak) and 7.5 lb-in – 56 lb-in (22.5 A – 166 A Peak).

• XV Servo Motors - High Economical 230 V for High Volume Opportunities

This Servo Motors model has 4 metric frame sizes it around 130 mm as the bigger, than goes down to 80, 60 and 40 mm. Even called as the economical model, it can give great aspect in its size as well as the power range. The range of power range is around 0.11 Nm – 11.4 Nm (33.4 Nm Peak), and 0.95 lb-in – 101 lb-in (296 lb-in Peak).

Each of the Emerson products has design to meet with the users needed. The satisfaction of the users is been always a company spirits. Just try to meet up with the right design and goes further to gain the right of your operational choices.


Emerson servo motors are kind of the device which is producing to meet with what the users want. Each of the device has the right choice for support all of the process which users wanting to gain it. It was a greats ideas of answering the automation solution, to gain the productivity in any fields of industries.


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