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Gain Best Sensing Methor With Rosemount Multiple Spot Temperature Sensor; Review and Beneficial Information

Multiple Spot Temperature Sensor
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At the time being, the sensing method using Multiple Spot Temperature Sensor has become one of important element in the whole of industrial process. it because the biggest ideas on operating with great aspect of automation solution in any fields where it needed.

Than due to that fact, one of the sensing equipment which is need to leveling the water level inside the bulk tank are multiple spot temperature sensor. It was kind of small but important device to operating integratedly with other device such as temperature sensor tube.

There are many of Multiple Spot Temperature Sensor manufacture or developers which is create kind of that device, and one of great models come from Rosemount. It called with Rosemount™ 765 and Rosemount™ 565 and 566 multiple spot temperature sensor. This article would go further more specific as the review for both of the devices.

Rosemount™ 765, Rosemount™ 565 and 566 Multiple Spot Temperature Sensor, Best Idea For Bulk Tank Measuring Temperatures Meter

To grant best impact on Multiple Spot Temperature Sensor productivity, people now had to choose and use best device. Than to realize it, to create best integrated systems, the better ideas are to create depend on high quality and best specification. And here are the each specification on Rosemount™ Multiple Spot Temperature Sensor.

1. Rosemount™ 765

This Multiple Spot Temperature Sensor product has designed with several great features with the main function as a sensing meter to measure free water level at the bottom of the tank. Than by that main function this device has design by several great specification which can handle it.

  • 500 mm active length ± 2 mm (0.08 in.), 1000 mm active length and or ± 4 mm (0.16 in.), water level sensor accuracy
  • according to EN 60751, Pt-100 spot elements type
  • Maximum 197 ft or 60 m, overall lenght
  • AISI 316 stainless steel made material, 0.3 mm (0.012 in.). ∅= 1 in, wall thickness protective sheath.

Those great Multiple Spot Temperature Sensor specification had been prepared for give users best features aspect, and here are the features which can handle by this device; up to 16 spot elements measure liquid temperatures, unique sensors calibration to improve accuracy, and more other great features in installation time.

2. Rosemount™ 565 and 566

Almouts Multiple Spot Temperature Sensor closer with the sister device, the 565 and 566 Rosemount™ multiple spot temperature sensor also designed and prepare for best ideas in water temperature sensing method device. To realize that ideas, it was completed with several specification such as;

  • 1/10 DIN Class , optional, and 1/6 DIN Class B standard accuracy, the Rosemount™ 566 had sensor for cryogenic use ( DIN Class A).
  • According to EN 60751 Pt-100 spot elements types
  • -58 to +482 °F or -50 to +250 °C, which also can be use for cryogenic with range of temperature among, -274 to +212 °F or -170 to +100 °C
  • 16.4-230 ft or 5-70m standard overall lenght.

Those specification can come up in higher standard specification depend on users request. But what makes this sensing meter special are the specialized capabilities for use in crygenic tank features.


There are many of industrial automation solution parts developer which can handled to developed kind of this product. But Rosemount had developed multiple spot temperature sensor which can accommodate the users intention and purposes.


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