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Bulk Tank Controlling and Automation Solution; Rosemount 2180 Field Bus Modem, Review and Beneficial Information

Rosemount 2180 Field Bus Modem
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Rosemount 2180 Field Bus Modem Automation solution systems has become one great ideas on creating a better manufacturing plant working process. The implementation has growth from the areas of many departement which integrated as single manufacturing plant.

Also depend on the business model, for example the Rosemount 2180 Field Bus Modem business which involved the bulk tank on water or liquid tank management systems. The automation solution has one of the best ideas to expect and realize the best ideas on it. That systems commonly control from the control room through the monitoring PC or the PLC’s. And it was interconected with bus modem, which known for several systems which is grant vie ethernet or the internet.

Than thats why the field bus modem as the terminal router has need. And one of the bulk tank controlling bus modem which commonly knows by the world of industries are the Rosemount™ 2180 Field Bus Modem.

Rosemount™ 2180 Field Bus Modem, Best Choice For Bulk Tank PC or PLC’s Communication Interconnection

Rosemount 2180 Field Bus Modem Rosemount™ 2180 are created for kind of TRL2 which is conect with or Rosemount 2460 System Hub and or Rosemount Tank Gauging field devices that conect to the monitoring PC or the PLC’s in the connection room. This field bus modem has completed with several great specification which can bring many of benefits for the users in therm of installation, such as;

  • Diagnostic LEDs on front cover, this features give the operator a better an easy way to know the I/O of the whole systems which connected by
  • Multiple mounting optional provides
  • Can enables multidrop - one Rosemount™ TankMaster communicate with several Rosemount™ 2460 units
  • Longer distance enabling range between Rosemount™ 2460 and Rosemount™ TankMaster PC

This great Rosemount 2180 Field Bus Modem beneficial features has come from great specification which completely known comes with single build in specificational aspect such as;

  • 0 to +130 °F and or 0 to + 55 °C, ambient operational temperatures
  • 4800 Baudrate
  • RS232 and USB output signal
  • Modbus protocol and TRL2 field bus input signal
  • 10 ft or 3 m cable to PC
  • 7-12 VDC, 50 mA multiple international AC sockets supplied, AC/DC powe supply converter
  • Transient suppressors with galvanic insulation field bus overvoltage protection

By those specificational aspect it was totally made Rosemount™ 2180 Field Bus Modem has become one of great field bus modem which choice by so many industries in many field. Especially with kind of industries that operating a bulk tank for liquid and or water storage.


By the day, there are many of Rosemount 2180 Field Bus Modem industries which is goes up several of manufacturing fields. It was totally reasonable because of many ideas. The first ideas of course because the manufacturing industries are one of the industrial types which prepared and provides daily product. And one of the daily product which knowingly used lots by the people are kind of product which belonging by several types of dairy and or watering process and managament. Than thats why the bulk tank as the storage has needed so much. Rosemount™ 2180 Field Bus Modem, are one of typicaly device which is need to connect between the field router which installing on the bulk tank to the PC or PLC in the monitoring room.


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