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Rosemount 2230 Graphical Field Display; Presenting Crsytal Clear Tank Gauging Data, Features and Specification Information

Rosemount 2230 Graphical Field Display
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Rosemount 2230 Graphical Field Display is the impact of industrial development. There are many device and component which is need to support a whole ideas of efficient and effective industrial working process. It separated from biggest component which is containt the liquid materials until the small parts which is need to display any information so operator can made any opeational decisiion.

In the Rosemount 5400 Level Transmitter industries where involved the liquid material which is placed a big tank in manufacturing plants. The tank gauging management and controlling are big ideas to known for. Than thats why a small device such as graphical display which can shown a crystal clear information are important. Than here in this article we would go with a review for Rosemount 2230 Graphical Field Display.

Rosemount™ 2230 Graphical Field Display, Desigh For Tough Environment Even The Hazardous Installation Area

Rosemount 5400 Level Transmitter as one of the impact of industrial development also to answers the industrial needed, than so many persons which is involved with the industries especially the manufacturing plantation developers are trying to create a better vision in automation solution. The important on it are how to preserve better controlling and monitoring ideas, and 2230 Rosemount™ graphical field display has designed to realize this idea. Take a look more about the specification :

  • -4 to 158 °F or -20 to 70 °C ambient temperature
  • FISCO: 9.0 - 17.5 VDC and Entity: 9.0 - 30.0 VDC polarity intensive, power supply
  • Foundation™ Fieldbus communication protocol to connection to Rosemount 2410 by self configuring
  • 128x64 pixels display/interfaces back lit LCD monochrome display
  • Various of display variable such as ; level rate, volume (TOV), vapor pressure, 1-16 spot temperature, vapor average temperature, air pressure, flow rate, signal strength and many more

Those Rosemount 5400 Level Transmitter great device specification can come up with because of great conditioning that come up by the buil in features design. And here are the great features which can came up by integrational specification which offered by the manufactures ;

  • Hazardous areas installation capabilities
  • Excellent readability obtain by back-lit display
  • Read-out legal custody transfer
  • Low voltage Tankbus for easy and safe installation, thanks to two wire benefits
  • Seven languages and several view options choosing aspect
  • Real time tank gauging data observing, such as pressure and total observed volume, volume and also the level

By those Rosemount 5400 Level Transmitter great features and specification made Rosemount™ 2230 Graphical Field Display made this device become so much representable and recommended bulk tank graphical fiel display. Users can choose where to placed and install this device, from the top area and or the low parts of bulk tank, depend on the purposes and intention.


Rosemount 5400 Level Transmitter is the parts of the industrial, especially in manufacturing and plantation, there are many of parts which need to used to be the parts of integrational automation solution systems has need by the engginers. Than thats why, even the small parts just like the graphical field display also need and become an important parts. To answer that ideas Rosemount™ offered publicy the 2230 graphical field display to asnwers the industrial needed and intention.


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