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Allen-Bradley 45CRM Color Mark Sensor, Important Act On Benefits and Specification User Need To Know

For kind of the industries such as textile industries and other Color Mark Sensor industries which had to operating by separating colors, color mark sensor are important device. It was kind of the device which working with photoelectric sensing method to separated color marks on the web automatically. By using this, the operator are only need to programing one time through controlling device.

Once the Color Mark Sensor controlling are programing, thant the color mark sensor would working to determines the colors. Those process can be happen by the teach process, which completed using simple rotary switch. This parts are important especially for kind of manufactures which work by using the automation solution during all of the producing process. For example linning up labels on a web with cutting blade, than placing the lable on beverages bottling process.

Due to the Color Mark Sensor fact, it was one of needed parts which looking by the industries. And Allen-Bradley one of the gret name in automation solution systems provider device are offered the device 45CRM Color Mark Sensor. To get closser with this device, here in this article we goes with the reviews.
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45CRM Color Mark Sensor, High Speed Response Device For Industrial Kindness

As other Color Mark Sensor product which producing by Allan-Bradley, each has design with great specification. And also the the 45CRM Color Mark Sensor which called as the high speed response photoelectric device which can emit 3 different color such as, red, green and blue (RGB). And here are the specification for this device.

• Color Mark Sensor Environmental Operating Specification

This device are great ideas for using at the hars environment. This device are designed to handle around -4 until 140°F (-20...60°C) operation temperatures. Also can handle to operating at 10…55 Hz, 0.5 mm amplitude, meets or exceeds IEC 60947-5-2 environmental vibration standard aspect. This device are born with IP67 standards protection environment.

• Color Mark Sensor Mechanical Specification

To bring great specification this device are created with nickel-plated combined with die-cast zinc housing material, PMMA Luxacryl, clear types, lens material. Also 4-pin, 90° adjustable position with Micro QD (M12) connection type.

• Color Mark Sensor Optical Specification

Designed as high speed respon device, it was completed with several great optical specification such as ; 0.43 ± 0.079 in. or 11 mm ± 2 mm sensing range, 3 LEDs (red, green, blue) light source, max. ± 3° angle deviation.

Those built in specification are combining to produce great Color Mark Sensor features in range of operational aspect. Here are several features which can bring a great benefits for the user.

  • Dynamic teach, static teach or IO-Link configurable the three simple setup methods
  • Micro (M12) adjustable-position or quick-disconnect (QD) which build to bring mounting flexibility for the user
  • Fast response time around 40 ┬Ás
  • Come with three emitter LEDs (red, green, blue)

Maximizing the Color Mark Sensor industrial productivity aspect aren’t as simple as what it looks like. There are several thing, utensils and device which involved and belong with the operational process. 45CRM Color Mark Sensor are one of great device which is designing to bring and handle and detects color registration on the web working process.


45CRM Color Mark Sensor are one of high speed respond device which design and offered as one of photoelectrical device to help the industries detects color registration on the web working process. it was prepared as high response device also.


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