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Bulletin 1732D and 1732E ArmorBlock I/O Modules; Product Review in Features and Specificatio Aspect

As the impact on ArmorBlock I/O Modules industrial development aspect, there are so many kind of device which is developed and offered to faced the industrial purposes and needed ideas. It just like a challenging pursue which is involved so many console developer or device manufactures. Just to reach a single vision to completed and build industrial working process.

Especially on today happen where the ArmorBlock I/O Modules automation solution are become one of greates idea which try to reach and increase by the industries itself, there are more challenging ideas. And one of the biggest name are the Allen Bradley, which knowingly created so many device to build and completed the industrial automation solution aspect. Here in this article we would go further more with the product called Bulletin 1732D and 1732E ArmorBlock I/O Modules.
ArmorBlock I/O Modules
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1732D and 1732E ArmorBlock I/O Modules, The Suitable Device For End Of Robotics Arm and Welded Applications

The ArmorBlock I/O Modules industries are growth depend on what market needed. Real impact are to the applied technologies itself. For the example, the industries which operated automotive welded application and or the arm-of-robot. It was kind of the industries which need to used ArmorBlock I/O Modules in case of the applications. Here are the features for each of Bulletin 1732D and 1732E.

• ArmorBlock I/O Modules Bulletin 1732D Main Features

This product are comes with several great features such as; 8 or 16 points per block, I/O circuits on some blocks network-powered included, for safety applications, this device are really suitable which is completed with the ArmorBlock Guard 1732DS I/O modules.

• ArmorBlock I/O Modules EtherNet/IP I/O Blocks 1732E ArmorBlock Main Features

Same as the sister device this device also come and completed with several great features such as; 4, 8, or 16 per blocks points, power daisy chain and DLR topology supported, 250ms for tool changer application, also, IO-Link master module and IO-Link enabled devices connection supported.

Those are the main features of each of the ArmorBlock I/O Modules device. On the other hand, there are also great features which can come up with the integrated operational aspect. And here are they which user need to know to gain those benefits.

  • IP69K and NEMA 4X rating for use without an enclosure
  • Studio 5000™ Logix Designer application add-on profiles
  • Installation and replacement which need no rewiring, it gives user a capabilities in reducing eror that can be happen in that process
  • Reduce machine downtime with LEDs for module and or alarm levels channel
  • Corrosion-proof plastic, nickel-plated aluminum, and water-proof, sealed housing models

Great aspect in ArmorBlock I/O Modules industrial process are only grant with great device supporting ideas. Bulletin 1732D and 1732E ArmorBlock I/O Modules, are totally designed to bring a great aspect in industrial automation solution depend on what users needed and intention.


Bulletin 1732D and 1732E ArmorBlock I/O Modules, are on of Industrial I/O modules which can be used in range of industries depend on user needed. At least there are two kind of industries which is widely used this device model, it was the industries which is operating the automation robotic arm and or the automotive welded applicational manufactures.


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