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Lovato Electric RGK20 and RGK30 Engine Protection Controller; Review on Product Introductional and Other Beneficial Informational Act

The industries and the fields around those manufacturing ideas are growth by the day. Than due to the fact, where it goes belonging by the biggest ideas on how to bring a great ideation of productivity and other ideal things to be happen, it need to support by great device and or tools, which can increasing all of the great things.

Thats why, it just looks like a challenging competition where involved so many manufacture and other console developer to offered great product to help the industries in case of grab a better industrial working process. One of the great name are Lovato Electric, which is commonly known already serve the parts of industries in field of energy and automation solution since long time ago.

Here in this article we would go further more with one of Lovato Electric product known as RGK20 and RGK 30 engine protection controller. It all try to preserve the users or co users in case of try to look more closser to all of those product.

Engine Protection Controllers
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Lovato RGK20 and RGK30 Engine Protection Controllers, Introduction and Description To The Benefits of Both of The Product

Great product means great supported ideas for the industries itself. The RGK20 and RGK30 engine protection controllers from Lovato Electric also create and build to goes inside those ideas. Here are the introductional information act also the ideation of description about both of the product.

• RGK20

This product are born to goes around the three main function such as; engine hour counter, engine protection, and the remote manual starting which operating can be handle out locally. It also had front key for power switching which can removably and lock function. Those main functionalities, are supported with such of this features : 2 LEDs status indication, 5 LEDs as alarm indication function, 3-button keyboard, 12-24VDC universal power supply, multifunction LCD, also the engine start button. Those also support with RS232 or TTL communication interface for fast PC setup.

• RGK30

This device are create as the control unit for engine protection which can be used to manually starting or stopping, which can be used for any engine types such as petrol or diesel engines. It also designed to easily adapted with many different battery chargers alternator. This device which completed with front panel description and the LED operation are had several function such as :
  • Become, “Supply” LED, which shown 1 flash at motor running detection, also can be operated to constantly switched on at power up. It also had function to shown quickly flashing during operational stopping cycle.

  • Function as Engine out of Limits Alarm LED, which goes around with several sub function such as; indicated the state of input before the engine is on (at the enabled only position), after alarm stopping, it has the switched function and also, switched off during normal engine operation.

Those are only some of RGK30 main functionalities there are also several ideation which can be shown with this great device operational process.

Both of RGK20 and RGK30 are prepared to serve the industrial users within so many operational process. Both of those device are totally created to handle out the many ideation to bring best process in productivities also other common specific positives industrial goals and targeted.


Among several models, RGK20 and RGK30 engine protection controller from Lovato Electric are kind of best supported product which can bring several positives benefits for the users. Of course it totally created also to handle out the commissioning and comprehensives operational processed.


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