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Exlar K Series Electric Actuator; Review on Product Family Types, Advantages of The Product and General Features

Many industries are development this era. Today when thinking or talking about the industries means we didn't only talk about manufactures only, the kind of the industries are developed spreads to be many kind, from the food and beverage specify to the entertainment where people can amused themself.

That’s why it was totally reasonable if more parts, utensils also device are need to supported and completed the ideas of better industries. Those parts are need to belonging with the industries working or business process and moreover also to gain and extra positive benefits both for the users and people who working and involved with.

Here in this article we would go further more with one of big name of industrial actuation product providers called Exlar. We goes enclosure to the one of Exlar product which named out with the Exlar K series, electric actuators.

Electric Actuator
Image by http://exlar.com

Offered within Multiple Models, Goes With What Users Needs

Each of the exlar product are designed and create on term of user benefits. Thats why it was totally reasonable if we try to found what we wanting for, there would lot of exlar electric actuator there would be multiple various of the products we could found. K Series, are one of electric linear actuator family products. Here are the key of the features brought by the K series.

  • Up to 3,500 lbf or around 15 kN maximum force up
  • 833 mm/s or 32,8 in speeds up
  • 20 to 1219 mm (0.7 to 48 in) strokes aspect
  • For the users which need to solve the rod-style actuation, this product family are comes out as the universal solution
  • Completed with advanced roller screw, those are brought for evey model and sizes within this family product series

Those great features are set up to takken more about the users benefits. Those can be discribe within this several product advantages.

  • This device are can be handle out the universal mounting options compatibilty such as : DC, servo motors also the stepper
  • Ready with multiple models for maximum flexibility
  • Build with sealed body aluminum housing which ready and prepared to operated on hars environment
  • Made for coating options and other specialized material
  • Able for long life and low maintenance
  • Inline motors mounts available for most motors preconfigured paralled
  • Design are totally flexible and suitable for numerous configurations also applications

This are comes with several models, the biggest numerous users are using the KX actuators which prepared for far superior to the competing actuator technologies. And other also apply the KM actuators which ready to prioritize the cost rather than the longger life aspect.


There are so many actuators manufactures on earth exlar are the biggest name where choose by many client widely. It because the several models which come up depend on what users needed. The K series are one of electric actuators which comes to belonging with the users needed. With several great features it help users to reach out many advantages and benefits users wanting for.


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