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MESAX Laser Distance-Measurement Sensors ; Product Portofolio Overview, And Other Informational Act

Laser distance-measurement sensors is the answer of challenging as the time being when the time of modern industries are comes, it was something where fully reasonable to involved the condition between the ideas of technologies and other great ideas which can help the industrial people to increase their productivity.

Than thats why, due to the laser distance-measurement sensors fact there are so many persons which is try to involved a brand new technology for they manufacturing plant operational act. In fact there are so many device and or utensils which need to handle out the ideation of better industrial working process. Than thats become one of our concern in this article by talking about one of Baumer products called MESAX laser distance-measurement sensors family.

laser distance-measurement sensors
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The Ideation of Accurable and Reliable Distance, MESAX are Greatest Ides on Variy of Industrial Measurement Application

The laser distance-measurement sensors measuring are one of important ideas on the whole of manufacturing process. Especially to measure various of different objects, from the smallest one to the demanding sufaces. MESAX would give a better ideas as the perfect solution for any application. It can be happen because the 3 different beam principles, from laser line, laser point and the multi-spot. Here are each types which offered as flagship product with the following features.

• Laser distance-measurement sensors Series 250/260

Laser distance-measurement sensors was known as the suitable choice for the large ranges with time-of-flight measurement types. Comes also as the most compact sensors of its class, with lasers point it bring the capabilities to measuring up to 13 m large measurement range.

• Laser distance-measurement sensors Series 70

Laser distance-measurement sensors is working with the multi spot-beam principles, this are designed for demanding surface. Also can handle values in mm displays, high ambient light immunity, this device are best and suitable factory-calibrated for fast start up choice.

• Laser distance-measurement sensors Series 21

This device are had the measuring range up to 1000 mm, with highest precision. It can be adjustable measuring range and completed with laser point or laser line beam principle, this are very high resolution and linearity choice for whom that looking ideation for demanding measurement.

• Laser distance-measurement sensors Series 20

Called as the allrounder, this completed as the device which hade up to 1000 mm measuring range. With the programmable measuring range, this are kind of great ideas for use as the various application. It handle the beam principles such of laser point or laser line, it was totally great ideas which can be used as the best ideas on highly robust variant for example, the washdown design.

There are also other Laser distance-measurement sensors types which can be choose by the users to bring a best ideas on what they need. Each are great design and other can be handle out to give a better ideation on industrial productivities.


MESAX laser distance-measurement sensors are kind of sensing and measurement device technology which developed by Baumer to be the answers of industrial measuring needed. Each product can be selected by users depend on what they need and other intentional act which can be great to belonging with the manufacturing plant.


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