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Rosemount 3051SAL Level Transmitter; Review on Benefits and Technical Specification

Rosemount 3051SAL Level Transmitter Industries are developed depend on the market development and other surrounding ideas. Some of them especially for kind of industries which really need to goes in pursue for state of the art are always comes in dynamics ideas.

Than due to that Rosemount 3051SAL Level Transmitter fact, there are so many of industries just like in pursue to found a better and brand new supported technology which is comes for single ideas, productivities and how to catch a better working process. For example, the industries which is operated the any kind of manufacturing plants parts such as, pressure tank or tank gauge are need a special device to measuring the tank vent or tank pressure meter.

Here in this article we would go further more with kind of tank level measurement transmitter called Rosemount 3051SAL Level Transmitter. The approach are totally conected for the technical specification and the features item.
Rosemount 3051SAL Level Transmitter
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Enhanced Capabilities on Tank Vent and Pressure Level Transmitter Measurement Device

Rosemount 3051SAL Level Transmitter are ideal device which developed as best in class solution device for any major function, leveling pressure and vented tank level measurements. Some of the parts are totally created to gain such of better design and ideas. Here are the technical specification which come in single idea wrap by this device.

Items Specification Operating Pressure Maximum 689.48 bar/>10,000Psi Rangedown >200:1 Accuration Aspect ±0.055% of span Communicational Protocol Systems WirelessHART®, FOUNDATION™ Fieldbus, 4-20 mA HART® Operational Temperature Range Processes -157...770°F (-105...410°C), depend on fill fluid based Connection Transmitter Types All Welded and Welded-Repairable types Approvals/Operational Certificational Act IEC 61508 independent 3rd party dependables, SIL 2/3 certified, 3A, NACE®, also hazardous location operational certification Connectional Processed Aspect Hygienic NPT, DIN, ISO; threaded process connection ANSI/ASME, EN/DIN, GOST, & JIS; flanged

Those Rosemount 3051SAL Level Transmitter technical specification data are shown the abilities of this device as pressure measurement level. For the users those tables could be an approch to the features which can be a bridge to found the real benefits on application. Here are several features summary which users need to know.

  • Offer advanced diagnostic coverage to detect any issue such as; abnormal process condition also loop issues.
  • Allow to transmitted variabe scaled to level units output.
  • For challenging applicational fields connection, this device are totally accomodate which the welded design can provides in robbust area, as well as the welded repairable device construction could allows the systems seal to be repaired if there are a probles detected.
  • Reducing around 10-20% temperature effect, and increas 80% improve response time against the traditional installation, thanks to device Tuned-Systems.

Comes as high precission device scale as well as the strong device architecture make the Rosemount 3051SAL Level Transmitter become one of great device which can be choose for any harsh, robbust but precisse and low cost manufacturing purposes.


Rosemount 3051SAL Level Transmitter are kind of presurized and vented tank level mesurement which is designed and created to be one of precissed level measuring device to operated at robust and hars environement. Choose this also bring a great ideas on saving operational cost.


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