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CBI Electric, Intelligent Control Relays; Review on Features and Other Information Which Comes As Users Beneficial Act

Intelligent Control Relays Industries are growth so much dynamicly. Each of the industries types had their own needed purposes and intention which try to reach single ideas of big industrial mindset itself which called, productivity.

Than thats why Intelligent Control Relays was totally happening out when there are so many parts and components are really need to looking in with the those industrial ideation. It wasn't only goes for the people which try to comes out with the industries itself, those only happen to the manufactures which try to serve and provide the components or device to handled out the industrial purposes.

Here in this article we would goes further more with one of industrial parts and components called intelligent control relays, which come from the CBI Electric. Just check it more bellow.

Intelligent Control Relays
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CBI Electric Intelligent Control Relays “Easy” Family, The Types and Features

Intelligent Control Relays are one of components which need by the industries. CBI electric are made and offered some of the flagship product publicy. Each product are completed with great features which can be reach what the users want.

• Easy 500 Intelligent Control Relays

This are kind of intelligent relays which can handle out up to small-scale 12 I/Os applications. It comes with 1:1 electronic diagram entry circuit which each are had directly capabilities on the device possible. It also can handle out 128 rungs with 3 contacts each and 1 coil in series. This also had capabilities to possibility connected to the Ethernet with programming and OPC functionality.

• Easy 800 Intelligent Control Relays

This are ideal for closed-loop and large open-loop control task for around up to 328 I/Os. To completed those functionalities it was comes out more with function to additionalities as PID controllers, pulse widht modulation, maths functions, value scalling also around 5kHz high speed counters. This also completed with 256 rungs functionalites with 1 coil in series and 4 contacts for each of it. The digital and analog expandibility are also can provide via this device. It also can be used integrated communication via easy net with around 8 stations – and up to 1000 m, this also can used with Ethernet, and standard bus systems such as, PROFIBUS, CANopen, DeviceNet and Asi connection.

Among both of those device there also Easy 700 which comes up as medium solving control tasks, which can handle around 40 I/Os. It was also completed among functionalities of Easy 500 and 800 device. Which can handle around 128 rungs with 1 coil in series and 3 contacts for each of it.


Intelligent control relays from CBI Electric are kind of device which comes to supported what user want and looking for the several application and functionalities such as; energy management, industrial control, irrigation, pump control, HVAC, lighting and home automation. Each are designed to bring easily accomplished through front panel programming, also can come up to eliminiting the minimizing downtime and changing the wire process. those are totally created and designed to bring several great benefits for the users.


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