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Lovato DME D110 T1 Energy Meter Single Phase; an Introductional Reviews on Product Features and Other Technical Beneficial Act

Energy Meter Single Phase is the part of the heart in the modern industries, there are so many aspect which goes clossure the the parts and component which become a single aspect of great industrial systems itself. Than that's why it was totally clear when many of kind of that product are need to know and moreover spread out to the public about the beneficial act are becomes important.

One of the biggest name on Energy Meter Single Phase in the industrial electrical component are Lovato Electrical which offered many types of the product. Each product are offered publicy to enclosure with the users beneficial act.

Than this article are comes to bring the specific automation about one of Lovato specific product which goes in the family of the Energy Meter Single Phase device called DME D110 T1. The product are goes up with specifically to bring the introduction and description about this product publicy.

Energy Meter Single Phase
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DME D110 T1 Energy Meter Single Phase, Description and Introductional Information Users Need To Know

DME D110 T1 Energy Meter Single Phase are energy meter single phase made from Lovato, which designed and created to hold and operation on currents up to 40A. It was come with EN50470-3 reference standard which compliant with the legalization energy standard. It was something which need to face out the industries itself. And here are the specific descriptions features which wrapped out by this product.

  • 1U (18mm wide), modular DIN-rail housing
  • 5+1 Digits LCD Display
  • Measure selection and programming key for measure
  • IEC/EN 62053-21 Class 1, active energy measure complies
  • Active and Reactive total energy meters
  • Total and partial, hour counter
  • Active energy consumption pulse LED display
  • Intstaneous consumption or active power, indication
  • Static output programmable for alarm and pulse threshold
  • 40A for currents up direct connection

Those great Energy Meter Single Phase features are combined to bring several great impacted for the users. Of course, the only one of the biggest ideas are kind of for brought benefits which can increasing productivity, safety aspect and easy to operated dramaticly. It also shown that not only kind of this types are made by Lovato Electric on the energy meter single phase family.

The idealism of Lovato Electric to bring a best service and great products are totally become a standard of this company. It can shown how it was separated each product depend on the conditional which need to use by user. So it was totally bring the users so they can choose the product depend on what they needed.


Lovato Electric Energy Meter Single Phase as one of biggest named in energy and automation solution product providers are always try to serve the users with a quality also high capabilities depend ables product which can choose and selected by users purposes. Each of the product are totally maters and created under the supervision of the expert which work by. So that's why it was fully reasonable when the Lovato DME D110 T1 Energy Meter Single Phase are comes to be an answers as the energy measurement device which can give users several great beneficial act depend on where it need and when it would be operated.


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