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INOR Alarm Units; Review on Types, Features, General Specification and Other Following Information

By the time world are changed. Theres many of the aspect which are developed depend on many of reasons, of course the biggest ideas are to brings a better ideas on human lifes. Than due to that fact, those become challenging ideas that ask many of aspect which need to changed too. Especially for whom which reach out the ideation of grabbing market, and the industries are the clossed one.

Industries on many field where they business core goes by, are the close one which feeling the biggest impact of human life changed. There are many of things they had to changed too, from the smallest aspect of they working process to the urge one. Than thats why it just so common when many of the parts of are had to change too.

Due to the fact, this article are come up. In here we would try to tak a look closser to the one of industrial component called alarm units.

Alarm Units
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INOR Industrial Alarm Units, An Important Component Goes With The Safety Aspect

Belonging with the ideas of industrialism, there are many aspect which also need to developed by the days. It because the ideas of industrialism are kind of a big picture which involved so many aspect such as, safety, machinery, resources, and other things. All to draws the single faced of productivity.

Than due to that fact, INOR as one of former industrial temperature measurement company has try to provide they industrial users with several great products in many field of applications, such the alarm units device which can apply for the safety applicants device.

Here are some of the INOR Alarm Units products sampling informational act.

• SR335

Kind of this INOR product family, are offered with many of great features such as : ±0,2 % of span trip point typical accuracy, 24 VAC/DC power supply value, 2-or 3-wire sensor connection type, normally active or passive and monostable relay function, with Pt500 and Pt1000 or Pt100, Pt200 units input. This product also known as double relay outputs and Pt100 Input alarm unit.

• SR360

This product are reconized with the function as current and voltage input and double relay outputs alarm unit. As the manufacture INOR parepared this product with several great features such as : 0 to 10 V or ±10 V input voltage, 0(4) to 20 mA or ±20 mA input current, with ±0,2 % of span trip point typical accuracy.

• SR560

This product are prepared to be kind of mA/V signals dual channel alarm unit. Then to gaining great ideas of better functionalities, this product are build upped with several great features such as: 0(0,2)-1 V, 0(1)-5 V, 0(2)-10 V input voltage, 0(4)-20 mA input current, 0(4)-20 mA maximum input level. This product are ready to reach around ±0,1 % of span typical accuracy.

Along with those product INOR industrial temperatur company also prepared other great device which also become as the alarm units product. It called with several great product name such as : SR535 Pt100 Input and 4-20 mA Output alarm unit.


INOR alarm units are kind of the product which build and offered by INOR industrial temperatur company to answer the modulation of industrial safety aspect device components. There are many of the product types are offered publicy each with great features aspect to belong with the users beneficial act.


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