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Valcor Solenoid Dispensing Pumps; Review on Product Types, Design Feature and General Specification

As the impact of modernization, the industries are also developed which are goes so much dramaticly. The development Solenoid Dispensing Pumps industries are reached and react which touch many field of the industries itself.

Of course it was brought many things which also depend out with kind of industries itself, especially for many of the product that comes out to become the supported products. Than Solenoid Dispensing Pumps are realities which are need to be accepted more.

Than that’s why, it just totally reasonable where many of manufacture and developer are involved on with some kind of chalenge matters to reach an absolute state of the art to provide the industries. And one of the big names are Valcor engineering corporation which serve with many of great product.

Here in this article we would go further more to goes with one of Valcor product called solenoid dispensing pump. Just goes inside and check more through this article.

Solenoid Dispensing Pumps
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Valcor Solenoid Dispensing Pumps, Specific Features for Each of The Product Types

Each of the Valcor solenoid dispensing pumps are separated depend on the functionalities and other following features. Here are each of the features for some kind of the product.

• Stainless Steel Construction Material Type

There are at least 4 types with two flagship product which included in this family products. Each are build and design with kind of great features. The flagship types called with SV515 which come up with some kind of such of this features; 3-15ul output per strokes, 120 on H20 maximum strokes/min, 3ml/min maximum dispens, and around ± 2% repeatability. Along with that, the SV525 are also comes with several build in features such as; 200 on H20 maximum strokes/min, 12ml/min maximum dispense, and around ± 2% repeatability.

• Diaphragm Isolated Solenoid Dispensing Pumps

This product are comes with kind of two of flagship types which is belonging by two of types that called with SV603 Solenoid Operated that come by such of this features : 120 on H20 maximum strokes/min, 180ml/min maximum dispense, ± 2% repeatability, 100-1500ul output per stroke and polypropylene construction. Besides that there also another product called SV673 which belonging as the pneumatically operated utensils. Along with the SV603, the SV673 also completed with several greats features such as ; polypropylene construction, 60 on H20 maximum strokes/min, 90ml/min maximum dispens, and 100-1500ul output/strokes.

Each of the Valcor Solenoid Dispensing Pumps product family are prepared to gain what users needed and wanting for. Than thats why it was fully reasonable where each of the products are designed and build with great features.


Valcor solenoid dispensing pumps are kind of device which reach and try to goes more rates at accuracies of around +/- 2%. It was come up as pneumatic operated dispensing pumps which work with the concept of piston driven drives. Those product are comes up with several great aspect that comes as build in product. With several of products variety, each types are comes with nice features to provide what users wanting for.


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