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KB Electronics Hybrid Drive Products; Review on Types, General Specfication and Other Following Information

As the time being, there are many of products are comes out to handle out also supported what the industries needed. Each of the products are created by several manufactures which developed depend on the design also the ideation of how to reach the industrial productivities.

Laterally KB Electronics, Inc are one of manufactures which invent also offered around thousand of products models to reach out what industries wanting for. One of the KB electronics products which needed and wanting by the industries are the Hybrid Drive. Than thats why it was totally an emerging things to brings and provide an informational act about those of the KB Electronic Hybrid Drives.

Hybrid Drive
Image by http://www.kbelectronics.com

The Specification and Other Things Around The KBAC Series Models

KBAC Hybrid Drive are kind of the KB Electronic hybrid drive products which try to reach out the more ideatin of better series drive. Which can operated for better integrational specifications. To see what kind of specification wrap out see on the listed table bellow.

Table 1.0 The General Specifications

Those specification are kind of general specification for the KBAC Hybrid Drive product family. It also can handle to operate on around 0 - 40°C (32 – 104°F) operating temperatures aspect. And 0 – 95 operating humidity range, with -25...+85 °C (-13...+185°F) storage range of tempartures.

Not only that, the KBAC models are also comes and built with several models and design. Here are each of design family with the following specification laterally offered by.

• KBAC-416, 416S, 416e F, 416SF Family Features

Each of this KBAC hybrid drives are ready to handle 10(A), 7,5(B), 5 (C) (Set with J2 Jumper) also 460VAC, 3ph, and 50/60Hz input. This device family also can handle 460 VAC, 3ph, 0-50/60/100/120 Hz ouput.

• KBAC-217, 217S, 217F, 217SF Family, General Features of Each Models

Each of this are designed and prepared to goes further more for handle out kind of several features such as; 5(A), 3(B), 2(C)(set with J2 Jumper) HP, and handle 208/230VAC, 3ph, also 50/60Hz. This also ready to used with 230VAC, 3ph, 0-50/60/100/120Hz ouput.

All of those KB Hybrid Drives are designed and created to handle out the maximum process in what users want. Each are prepared with several great features of course it only to try to reach what users want which called, the best ideas of industrial productivity.


KBAC Hybrid Drives are product family come from KB Electronics INC. Each of the product are ready and prepared under the expert working which ready to used and ready to answer the biggest plan of the users beneficial act. Each also completed with great features to realize that.


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