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PLC Mitsubishi Programming for Assembly Line

PLC Type FX-Mitsubishi , Name Input / Output PLC :
X000 ; Push Button Emg Operator 1
X001 ; Push Button Finish Operator 1
X002 ; Push Button Emg Operator 2
X003 ; Push Button Finish Operator 2
X004 ; Push Button Emg Operator 3
X005 ; Push Button Finish Operator 3
X006 ; Push Button Emg Operator 4
X007 ; Push Button Finish Operator 4
X010 ; Push Button Emg Operator 5
X011 ; Push Button Finish Operator 5
X012 ; Sensor 1
X013 ; Sensor 2
X014 ; Sensor 3
Y000 ; Motor Conveyor
Y001 ; Emg Lamp Red Operator 1
Y002 ; Finish Lamp Yellow Operator 1
Y003 ; Proses Lamp Green Operator 1
Y004 ; Emg Lamp Red Operator 2
Y005 ; Finish Lamp Yellow Operator 2
Y006 ; Proses Lamp Green Operator 2
Y007 ; EmgLamp Red Operator 3
Y010 ; Finish Lamp Yellow Operator 3
Y011 ; Proses Lamp Green Operator 3
Y012 ; Emg Lamp Red Operator 4
Y013 ; Finish Lamp Yellow Operator 4
Y014 ; Proses Lamp Green Operator 4
Y015 ; Emg Lamp Red Operator 5
Y016 ; Finish Lamp Yellow Operator 5
Y017 ; Proses Lamp Green Operator 5

Please Download Image : PLC Mitsubishi Programming

Please Download Programming for GX Developer : PLC Mitsubishi Programming

Reading PLC Programming for Assembly Line :
Step 1 :
If X000=ON And X002=ON And X004=ON And X006=ON And X010=ON Then M0=ON.
Step 2 :
a. If M0=ON And X001=ON Then Holding M1=ON ( SET ).
b. If M0=ON And X003=ON Then Holding M2=ON ( SET ).
c. If M0=ON And X005=ON Then Holding M3=ON ( SET ).
d. If M0=ON And X007=ON Then Holding M4=ON ( SET ).
e. If M0=ON And X011=ON Then Holding M5=ON ( SET ).
Step 3 :
a. If M0=OFF Or M7=ON Then Not Holding M1=OFF ( RSET ).
b. If M0=OFF Or M7=ON Then Not Holding M2=OFF ( RSET ).
c. If M0=OFF Or M7=ON Then Not Holding M3=OFF ( RSET ).
d. If M0=OFF Or M7=ON Then Not Holding M4=OFF ( RSET ).
e. If M0=OFF Or M7=ON Then Not Holding M5=OFF ( RSET ).
Step 4 :
If M1=ON And M2=ON And M3=ON And M4=ON And M5=ON Then M6=ON.
Step 5 :
a. If M0=ON And X012=ON And X013=OFF And M6=ON And C0=OFF Then M7=ON ( Latching ON ).
b. If C0=ON Then M7=OFF ( Latching OFF ).
Step 6 :
a. If M0=ON And M7=ON And X014=ON Then Pulse M8=ON.
b. If M8=ON Then Count Up C0.
c. If Count C0>= 2 Then C0=ON.
d. If M0=OFF Or M7=OFF Then Reset C0 / Count C0=0.
Step 7 :
If M0=On And M7=ON Then Pulse Falling M9=ON.
Step 8 :
a. If M0=ON And M9=ON And M6=OFF Then M10=ON ( Latching ON ).
b. If M6=ON Then M10=OFF ( Latching OFF ).
Step 9 :
a. If M10=ON Then Count Up C1.
b. If M10=ON Then Count Up C2.
c. If M10=ON Then Count Up C3.
d. If Count C1>= 1 Then C1=ON.
e. If Count C2>= 2 Then C2=ON.
f. If Count C3>= 3 Then C3=ON.
g. If M0=OFF Then Reset C1 / Count C1=0, Reset C2 / Count C2=0, Reset C3 / Count C3=0.
Step 10 :
If M0=ON And M7=ON Then Y000=ON.
Step 11 :
a. If X000=OFF Then Y001=ON.
b. If X000=ON And M1=ON Then Y002=ON.
c. If X000=ON And X012=ON And M1=OFF Then Y003=ON.
Step 12 :
a. If X002=OFF Then Y004=ON.
b. If X002=ON And M2=ON Then Y005=ON.
c. If X002=ON And M10=ON And ( C1=ON Or X013=ON ) And M2=OFF Then Y006=ON.
Step 13 :
a. If X004=OFF Then Y007=ON.
b. IfX004=ON And M3=ON Then Y010=ON.
c. If X004=ON And M10=ON And ( C2=ON Or X013=ON ) And M3=OFF Then Y011=ON.
Step 14 :
a. If X006=OFF Then Y012=ON.
b. If X006=ON And M4=ON Then Y013=ON.
c. If X006=ON And M10=ON And ( C3=ON Or X013=ON ) And M4=OFF Then Y014=ON.
Step 15 :
a. If X010=OFF Then Y015=ON.
b. If X010=ON And M5=ON Then Y016=ON.
c. If X010=ON X013=ON And M5=OFF Then Y017=ON.

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See : Definition Function DIFU , PLS for PLC

See : Assembly Line


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