Sunday, October 11, 2009

Communication Settings for PLC Omron on PC

For Communication Setting for PLC Omron on SYSWIN Software, Step by Step :
Step 1
Open Software PLC Omron : SYSWIN
Software PLC Omron SYSWIN
Step 2
Click Project --> Click Communications ...
Communications PLC Omron with PC
Step 3
Show Menu Serial Communications Settings
Select Port, Select Baud, Select Unit, Select Protocol
Menu Serial Communications Settings Remarks :
Port = Select the name of the port to which you have attached the PLC communications cable.
Baud = Set the communications speed.
Unit = Enter the unit number of the PLC receiver.
Protocol = Select a standard communications protocol from the list.
Test PLC button = Check the connection PLC Omron with PC.
Status = The Status field displays messages from SYSWIN, to indicate the status of the connection.
Protocols button = Select a specific communications protocol using the Protocols dialog.
Restore button = Use this button to recall all of the settings that were in force when you entered the dialog.
Close button = This button closes the dialog and returns you to the programming workspace.

Step 4
Show Menu Serial Communications Settings
Test PLC After setting the parameters, click on the Test PLC button. If the link is working, the Status field will change to "Connected".
Test PLC Omron
Step 5
Show Menu Serial Communications Settings
Click Close button
Close Menu Serial
Video About Communication Settings for PLC Omron on PC


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