Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Allen Bradley PLC Programming Software

This article will explain about the interface between the EPICS crate and the Allen-Bradley PLC using either serial communications through a 1785-KE module or Remote I/O through the 1771-DCM and 6008-SV modules.

The Allen-Bradley serial communications software is not part of the standard EPIC distribution. Applications which require this software should install it in their particular application environment.

The following installation instructions are for the EPIC UAE environment:
1. ascii, the UAE ascii directory contains the sub directory cat_ascii to catenate new ASCII description files onto the base EPICS release. The Allen-Bradley serial communications software contains no new records, one new device, and two new drivers.
• Change directory to ascii/cat_ascii.
• Edit or create the devSup.ascii and add following line:
Allen-Bradley DF
• Edit and create the drvSup.ascii and add following line:

2. src, there are three source code files and two include files to add the src directory: devAbDf1.c, drvAbDf1.c, drvAbDf1.h, drvSerial.c, and drvSerial.h.
• Change directory to src.
• Add the files devAbDf1.c, drvAbDf1.c, drvAbDf1.h, drvSerial.c, and drvSerial.h.
• Modify Makefile.Vx and add the first three file names to the definition of SRC.c.

3. startup, The object code file names for the above files must be added to the VxWorks start up script. The definitionof three VxWorks variable must be added following the object code file names.
• Edit startup.vws.
• Add the following lines in the record, device, driver, etc. section after the EPICS code has been loaded but before ioclnit is executed.
• Immediately following, add the definitions for VxWorks variable for the 1785-KE node address, and the read and write block sizes. The first variable must be the same as the address set on SW2 on the1785-KE module. Change the values in the example to your configuration.
example to your configuration


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