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GuardLogix Safety Controllers, Product, Supporting Software and Specification

In order to be able to understand the PLC, in this case GuardLogix Safety Controllers, you first have to read the manual in order to avoid mistakes in operating process. There are many things that must be understood before making project with GuardLogix Safety Controllers include GuardLogix Safety Controllers Common Procedures Programming Manual, GuardLogix Safety Controllers Function Block Diagram Programming Manual, GuardLogix Safety Controllers Selection Guide, and many other materials. At this session we will only discuss GuardLogix Safety Controllers, Product, Software and Supporting Specification

GuardLogix Safety Controllers

Features GuardLogix Safety Controllers

GuardLogix Safety Controllers can operate well at room temperature -20 ... 70 ° C (-4 ... 158 ° F). This PLC is compatible with Integrated Motion on EtherNet/IP™, integrated Sercos™ motion, and analog motion and has twice processing speed in the L7 models higher then L6 models.
GuardLogix Safety Controllers use relay ladder logic, structured text, function block, and SFC languages. In other ways, it uses RSLogix 5000 programming software (L6 models) or the Studio 5000 Logix Designer software (L7 models) from Rockwell Software® to design and configure your GuardLogix® system. To execute data input program, communication device is via EtherNet/IP, ControlNet™, DeviceNet™, Data Highway Plus™, Remote I/O, SynchLink, and third-party process and device networks.

GuardLogix Safety Controllers Product Selection

GuardLogix Safety Controllers System has diversification product selection in to four items as below:
  1. GuardLogix Controller With 2Mbyte Memory and 1 Mbyte, 4 Mbyte, 8 Mbyte of Safety Memory, 8Mbyte Memory and 3.75Mbyte of Safety Memory
  2. GuardLogix Integrated Safety PAC with 4M, 8 M standard memory & 2M , 4 M safety memory. 
  3. GuardLogix Safety Partner Controller
  4. Safety Partner - Automatically Assigned to the next slot - Right of the Safety Controller

Supporting Software

This controller uses RSLogix 5000 programming software (L6 models) or the Studio 5000 Logix Designer software (L7 models) from Rockwell Software® to design and configure your GuardLogix® system. This expansion is designed to make the integration of repair / improve and performance between manufacturing and IT Infrastructure. Please ensure that the controllers and modules you select, along with your network configuration. To combine your performance system you can add software packages based on the need. If you do like that, you need to configure and program your system. Additional required software that recommended such as RSNetWorx configuration software and RSLinx communication software.

GuardLogix Safety Controllers Specifications

GuardLogix Safety Controllers System has products Specifications Technical Data as below:
  • GuardLogix Safety Controllers, L7 models consists of c-UL-us, CE, C-Tick, ATEX, KC, FM, TÜV,
  • GuardLogix Safety Controllers, L6 models consists of c-UL-us, CSA, CE, C-Tick, ATEX, KC, FM, TÜV
  • Armor GuardLogix On-Machine Safety Controller consists of c-UL-us, CE, RCM, KC, TÜV
GuardLogix Safety Controllers has two-processor architecture (1oo2) to speed up the execution process of the program data. PLC is suitable in use for SIL 3 applications PLE. Supported by RSLogix ™ 5000 programming software (model L6) and Studio 5000 ™ environment (L7 models) makes the system becomes more stable performance despite frequent changes of data outside the load torque input. Network connecting devices such as Ethernet / IP ™ and ControlNet ™ is able to provide more sophisticated control machine with good connectivity


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