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SCADA Software as Main Processor for Controlling System Design

SCADA software has a function as a liaison between the HMI (Human Machine Interface) and MTU (Master Terminal Unit). As one part of the system architecture scada, scada software for these 2 types of program differences, namely: proprietary to communicate with hardware devices sold as' turn key 'or open solutions that have the ability to mix different equipment manufacturers' on the same system.

SCADA Software as Main Processor

In choosing the SCADA software you have to be careful because sometimes the interface between the software with the device can not communicate with each other, this could be due to the variation of the protocol used by devices and I / O address that is not equal between each vendor. Some package management system Currently, asset management has been integrated into SCADA systems with the following features:

1. User interface

The user interface is the interface used by the user such as a keyboard, mouse, trackball, touch screen. It bridges for operators to understand the processes that occur in the machine. Without user interface, the operator will have difficulty in supervising and controlling the machine.

2. Graphics displays

Graphics displays function to display graphic images and alpanumeric (according to which in workstasion), Customer-configurable, object orientated and bit mapped, Unlimited number of pages , showing images of transmission or distribution network as a whole with resolution: up to 1280 × 1024 with millions of colors

3. Alarms

Alarm signals design based on client server architecture and having one state, namely the state of ON or OFF. While indications have two states, where the closed state (close) and open (open). It can be adjusted to four adjustable trip points for each analog alarm and working based on displayed in chronological order

 4. Trends

Provide a graphical display of process variables such as pop-up trend display, Trend gridlines or profiles,  Background trend graphics and Real-time multi-pen trending. It also can be used to view and apply the settings (adjust) all setpoint of the control system. All data can be exported to DBF, and CSV files.

5. RTU (and PLC) interface

RTU can acquire digital input, digital outputs, analog inputs, and analog output on a demand basis instead of the conventional predefined scan method. RTU must have a port Redundant communication capable, DDE drivers supported and interface also possible for RTUs, loop controllers, bar code readers and other equipment. It also must equipped with dummy breaker which serves to simulate remote control.

6. Scalability

SCADA program should be expanded without disrupting the existing old program. It can be added without replacing or modifying existing equipment. This hardware is limited only by the PLC architecture (typically 300 to 40 000 points)

 7. Access to data

SCADA software serve easy access to third-party access to real-time data directly, real-time access to data by any network user. It was compatibe and supported by DDE compatibility: read, write and exec and DDE to all IO device points.

8. Database

This SCADA software was supported by ODBC driver and Direct SQL commands or high level reporting.

9. Networking

The program can run in a network, whether on the LAN or internet. To make faster delivering data process, this software supports all NetBIOS compatible networks such as NetWare, LAN Manager, protocols NetBEUI, IPX/SPX, TCP/IP and more and can be operate on Windows for Workgroups, Windows NT (changed from existing).

10. Fault tolerance and redundancy

Program have a certain tolerance for mistakes. SCADA system should be redundant, which is currently the main Master Terminal Unit (MTU). If MTU down to be replaced by the backup. It has dual networks for full LAN redundancy which is applied to specific hardware, supports primary and secondary equipment configurations and no configuration required.

11. Client/server distributed processing

Client / Server Distributed processing means that data processing is distributed, where the server or client has its own processing portion.


To design and make a good control system, there are some things that must be considered one of them is the right architectural design which includes: User familiarity, Consistency, Minimal surprise, Recoverability, User diversity. SCADA Software for the development phase, it - the following should be noted: Phase needs analysis, conceptual design phase, phase of logical design, physical design phase, development phase, the evaluation phase.


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