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Small Control Systems using Allen-Bradley Logic Control for Small Medium Plan Solution

Current industry trends toward automation small control system. For small scale, actually user need only simple PLC-based control system. It takes only the features and flexibility without the overhead cost that is not burdensome for small companies. Standard control systems with safety devices certified chassis-based and is packaged in a modular design can be applied in a complex machine control, batch processing and building automation

Small Allen-Bradley PLC Control

(1) Compact GuardLogix Safety Controllers

GuardLogix® Safety Controllers have a double benefit, namely as a controller and also serves as a safety control that can provide high performance multi-discipline control for SIL 3 safety applications. To support its functions, the controller is working with integrated security features, discrete, motion, drive and process control, as well as seamless connectivity. Access to data communication using Ethernet / IP ™ or ControlNet ™ with additional safety features interlocking between GuardLogix controllers. Make sure that the Connect field devices are connected to the controller via Ethernet / IP or DeviceNet ™ network.

This controller has the well-known economic platform, capable of integrating the entire system of control and safety standards and is compatible with ArmorBlock® Guard I / O ™ or CompactBlock ™ Guard I / O modules

(2) CompactLogix Control Systems

CompactLogix control system is a device control right choice for mid-range applications in an environment that is easy to use because it is able to perform tight integration between programming software, controller and I / O modules. This integration can reduce development time and costs in commissioning during normal running operation while providing security to the plant control system. Security can be guaranteed due to the integration of safety, motion, discrete and drive ability of a single controller.

CompactLogix installation process is flexible because it is supported by a DIN rail or panel mounted, configuration possession of analog, digital and specialty modules cover a wide range of applications with advanced system connectivity to Ethernet / IP ™ network to CompactLogix ™ 5370 platform.

(3) SLC 500 Control System

SLC ™ 500 PLC has unique characteristics because of the multiple processor options, power supply and has a capacity of I / O that is large, ranging from 4096 controls input and output signals Controller 4096 is suitable for mid-range stand-alone or distributed control industries as small controllers full-featured, able to configure up to three local chassis, with 30 local I / O or communication modules maximum. Users can easily monitor and control remotely by plan of support for device I / O on ControlNet ™, DeviceNet ™, and Universal remote I / O link.

(4) 1752 SmartGuard 600 Controllers with Safety

SmartGuard ™ 600 safety controller into one of the most complete with features ranging from a 16-safety rated inputs, eight safety-rated outputs. To ensure the security of the system, the connection to the plant controller is connected circuitry 4 pulse test sources and an optional Ethernet / IP ™ port. In addition, as a back-up connection, each controller also includes DeviceNet ™ connection to support both the safety features function properly.

SmartGuard plant is able to provide data to standard PLCs and HMIs via Ethernet / IP ™ or DeviceNet ™ that allows technicians to configure the program through RSNetWorx ™ and DeviceNet via Ethernet / IP controller.


The design of the control system in principle can be carried out in accordance with the company's needs and budget. PLC has many types and specifications of both size and other equipment that supports it, so the price can be reached. Currently, the following can be purchased PLC timers, counters and analog inputs in one CPU package. PLC accessible and has now been widely circulated in the market with various brands and types. Description above gives an overview to the user various types of Allen-Bradley that can be used according to need.


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