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Against The Data Manipulation And Espionage with Several Types of SIEMENS Security Communication Processors for Industrial Ethernet And Data Securing Process

Data securities was being the important parts inside the industries and industrial business process. It was totally needed and being the conscious thing among the world of industries to keep the secret far from people who don't belonging to get the data access. By that reason, people who involved with the industries and industrial business process was go in search of better way to secure the data and keep it safely. One of those process is using Siemens Security Communication Processors.

Making data being safe and at the same time doing the process among several computers or office networking some times to risky, even if we doing in with the VPN. That's why we need kind of device which can control the security communication inside the Open Access network inside the manufacture site. That device called security communication processor (SCP).

Security Communication Processors
Security Communication Processors by

The Security Communication Processors was kind of device who developed and produce to install together with other automation solution device which can work in single relay I/O process and derived all of the process through the Ethernet network.

There are so many developer and manufacture which developed several models of Security Communication Processors, one of world class named was SIEMENS which developed several types of SCP for industrial intention. Here in this article we would go further more with the model and product knowledge.

SIEMENS Security Communication Processors has Several Types for Industrial Ethernet And Data Securing Process

There are several types of SIEMENS SCP product types which was offered to the public and industries, and here are the types and product information;

  1. CP 1243-1 for S7-1200
  2. It was SIEMENS SCP, which is can connected with the SIMATIC S7-1200, then through the Ethernet Networks controller. Moreover this CP device work with security integrated firewall function (Stateful Inspection), VPN protocol (IPSec), and so with S7-1200 communication processor protect stations in lower-level networks to against the unauthorized access.

  3. CP 343-1 Advanced for S7-300
  4. This Communication Processor was working with several features which can bring great benefit for the users such as; PG/OP communication, S7 communication, Open communication (SEND/RECEIVE), PROFINET communication, IT communication and so with, Firewall and VPN security functions.

  5. CP 1543-1 for S7-1500
  6. This communication Processor was developed to work in securely connection with new SIMATIC S7-1500Industrial Ethernet networks controller, how ever this models was work to encrypted the data transmission to protect the data users against data manipulation and espionage.

  7. CP 443-1 Advanced for S7-400
  8. Had functional benefit same with the CP 343-1 type, this communication processor was made and developed to against the data hi jacking, espionage and data manipulation, it was strong communication processor which can support the SIMATIC-H Systems.

  9. CP 1628 for PC
  10. This CP was supported the connection of PG/PC along with PCI Express slot to Industrial Ethernet, moreover this communication processor can work together and belonging with automation functions familiar from CP 1623. It also contain the Stateful Inspection Firewall and VPN, to protect the PG/PC.


SIEMENS Security Communication Processors, was created as communication processor which is contain strong encrypted firewall to protect users data against the data manipulation and  espionage to keep the data user has maximum security process.


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