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Take a Look Yokogawa Digital Panel Indicator UM33A in Various Industrial Application to provide the bridge for a more advanced and easier monitoring system

UM33A is the newest digital panel indicator by Yokogawa aimed for various industrial applications. The digital technology provides the bridge for a more advanced and easier monitoring system. UM33A comes with up to 9 alarm outputs and input correction function including Polygonal line approximation, PV bias and polygonal line bias. As an option buyers can opt for the 24 VDC sensor power supply as part of the products additional feature.

UM33A makes monitoring system can be really simple. It comes with 14-segment large color LCD display for easier reading. Scrolling text is also a supreme feature of the product for parameters. Other features are including programmable function keys, navigation guide/keys, user settable default values, compact design of 65-mm depth, and multiple language support including German, English, Spanish and French.

Digital Panel Indicator
Digital Panel Indicator by

UM33A use the networking method of RS-485 including Modbus/RTU, coordinated, peer to peer, PC-Link and CC-Link. Its reliable quality enhanced with 3 year of warranty (extends 36 months). The certification standard are including NEMA4 (hose-down test only) and IP56 for front panel. The product also already meets the RoHS/WEEE compliance. UM33A uses the LL50A parameters setting software built in with the ladder program function. For the application software users need to buy separately.

Yokogawa Digital Panel Indicator UM33A Application in Water Treatment Industry

UM33A Digital Panel Indicator has already tested and applied for constructing a monitoring system using existing sensors. Taking benefits to the already established sensors in your system, you can only add UM33A Digital Indicator with alarms to easily constructing a monitoring system on a PC.

What you can do is to build a low cost network-based monitoring system by adding VJET RS485/Ethernet converter, UM33A Digital Indicator with Alarms, VJ series signal conditioners and other required components. As well, you can still combine it by using DAQWORX Data Acquisition Software Suite, to easily displaying trends and other screens on a PC. Next is to save the data.

Yokogawa Digital Panel Indicator UM33A Application in Iron & Steel Industry

Digital Panel Indicator UM33A has combining with the Daqstation DX1000/2000 UM33A and can be applied for recorder-based data acquisition, monitoring and abnormality detection. Daqstation DX1000/2000 series is a data acquisition system with display. Daqstation comes with HMI technology that support for audit trail and advanced security conforming to FDA 21CFR Part 11.

The method can be conducted to save energy and reduce process in the periodic inspections. Users can set up monitoring and acquisition of power data and temperature data from converters, alarms warning, abnormal temperature alarms and other methods. So, users can investigate the cause of the problem and find the best solutions with recording of data before or after the abnormality detected.


In conclusion, Digital Panel Indicator UM33A is applicable for various needs of the industrial panel indicators. The digital mechanism and the alarm features give outstanding of monitoring system experience. All the features are greatly increasing the monitoring and operating capabilities. Then the compact design of the controller can help reduce space of instrument panel. The supported CC-Link communication makes it easy to be connected with Mitsubishi Electric Corporation PLCs. In addition, the quick setting function allows users to set only the minimum necessary parameters of operation.


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