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Features and Benefits of VDS: HMI/Data Server Software to simplify operations in various needs of a more modern application

Versatile Data Server (VDS) is the process control PLC/RTU from Yokogawa. This is web-based HMI/data server software that develops the more advanced architecture to the conventional HMI/SCADA functionality. It provides simple and secure operations. Its network versatility gives a broader range of application. VDS supports connection to diverse devices including OPC server/client connections. The simple software architecture and rich of functions addressed to simplify operations in various needs of a more modern application. The device is made with the object-oriented, so the users possible to increase their engineering efficiency. Then with the VDS users can check the site status from anywhere, anytime with a very swift response.

VDS HMI/data server software
VDS HMI/data server software by

VDS HMI/data server software offers  several features

The VDS’s graphic windows run on VDS Viewer made of Java Application. It is just like a personal computer with no special dedicated software. VDS plays the role as data acquisition and saving tool. The operation and monitoring on the HMI client can be accessed from anywhere via VDS Viewer. As well, for the control aspect, VDS can connect to various I/O devices to integrate the site information. In short, the dedicated software can be used to access VDS running on site and gain the site statuses and perform operations and monitoring anytime, anywhere.


VDS can handle various s applications for production and manufacturing processes through the various easy-link integration equipments like FCN and FCJ autonomous controllers, temperature controllers, power monitors and other on an integrated network.

Users are able to build a low-cost high-performance process control system using the FCN and FCJ autonomous controllers featuring loop control and sequence control.


Enhancing the VDS main functionality (VDS Viewer), VDS also comes with numerous functions that make operations become easier. Supporting the operation, VDS offers graphic windows with extensive graphic functions for easy visualizations.

The first-rating security system is built to restrict accesses from unauthorized users from writing data, and running program. The log record function provides a detailed audit trail.

Then the extensive message management functions provided to give easy access to alarm summary display. It will be announced via sound output in different method depending on the users need. Then the messages can be analyzed again in the form of printout result. The message and process management become of the VDS standard feature as are required to manage alarms and messages on the process of operation and process management. Finally users do not need to develop management programs using programming languages like Visual Basic and other.


There is no need for special computers for process operation then users can really cut the costs of buying HMIs. Also the quicker maintenance at lower cost can be realized. In short, there is no special hardware and software is required for process of operation.


The advanced HMI system, link of connectivity, and brilliant architecture system of the VDS, make it very versatile and applicable for various needs to conduct simple and secure operation on site monitoring from anywhere. All result quicker access and lower maintenance cost as there are no special hardware required within the process of operation.


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